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Catalog of Releases

When dwindling resources and outbreaks of violence threaten post-war reconstruction, five supernatural outlaws must unite to save their dying land and oppose the kingdom they once swore to protect.

War is a painful reality. And as five warriors learn, so is rebuilding.

Action  |  Adventure  |  Dark Fantasy  |  Sword and Sorcery  |  Drama

DeadHand 1 cover synception_sm.png
deadhand #2 issue cover

A mute child soldier must kill his surrogate military family to rescue his trafficked sister. It is the one mission Rheizig cannot complete and only mission he cannot fail.

Voices can be silenced. The unsaid cannot.

Action  |  Adventure  |  Supernatural  |   Crime  |  Drama  |  Military

Cover Rheizig #1 synception_sm.png
Rheizig 2 cover synception_sm.png
Rheizig _3 Cover synception_sm.png
Rheizig 4 cover synception_sm.png

What if someone told you it was ok to not be perfect?

Would you believe them?

… Would you want to?

For ten years, Andrew Fuller protected Washington, DC as Riven, a masked vigilante with the ability to weaponize his spirit energy.

But Riven was more than a mask.

Riven was a state of mind. A hyper-functional, dormant piece of Andrew’s psyche that helped Andrew through all the stressful times in his life.

… But what happens when Andrew doesn’t want Riven anymore? 

We are all two people. And we need our other half.

Action  |  Adventure  |  Superhero  |  Crime  |  Drama

Riven 1 Cover synception_sm.png
Riven #2 cover synception_sm.png
Riven 3 cover_sm.png
Riven _4 issue Cover synception_sm.png
January 2020!

An unlikely romance forms between two women after a near death experience that challenges their beliefs and very notions of reality. But when past sins threaten to tear their worlds apart, is either woman able, or willing, to betray their code?

Everyone has a code. Live, or die, by it.

LGBT  |  Action  |  Adventure  |  Western  |  Drama  |  Samurai

Samurai Gunslinger 1 Cover_sm.jpg
Samurai-Gunslinger 2 cover synception_sm
Samurai-Gunslinger 3 cover synception_sm
Samurai-Gunslinger 4 Cover synception_sm
September 2019!
dark prism slider.png

In 2033, a deadly coven of mages declares war to stop humanity from draining Earth’s elemental energy. When six middle-aged adults and a teenager are caught in the crossfire, they develop the ability to transform into superhuman teens and form the team, Dark Prism. But for every hour they spend in their superpowered forms, their lifespans shorten by one day. With their powers the only hope to stop a war between science and magic, each member of Dark Prism must choose between leading a long life, or a meaningful one.

The world has changed. People have not.

Dark Prism #2.png

Action  |  Adventure  |  Supernatural  |  Drama  |  Sci-Fi

Dark Prism #1.png
Dark Prism #2.png

A cosmic entity battles her arch nemesis to protect her creation: humanity.

Action  |  Adventure  |  Fantasy  |  Sci-Fi  |  Silent Comic

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